Our knowledge of the shade industry has
made us a sought after supplier to the major
hotels. Ease of ordering a right style and
size shade for your business and clients is
part of the service which we built this
business on.

Our supply of the industry's high quality fabrics
and sources for the hard to find materials
allows us to produce all of your shade needs.
Whether your need is for 1 or 101, we are
fully equipped to fill your needs.

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In a world that is constantly changing to keep up with the
new innovations of the day, isn't it nice to know that
something is still made the old-fashioned way - "with a little
bit of modern presentation".

At Hollywood Lamp & Shade, we continue to produce shades
in the tried and true method of our industry - by hand. Utilizing
classic and modern fabrics from quality manufacturers, we
have always prided our selves in the work we perform.

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